Announcement: New office hours

Starting March 6, 2017 Nationwide Medical Review will observe new office hours:

Monday through Friday:  8am – 7pm EST

Saturday:  9am – 12pm EST

For Employees & Citizens

Important information regarding improper drug uses for Employees and Citizens

  • America's Drug Problem
  • Eye-opening statistics reveal the nature and size of America’s problem with drug abuse in the workplace as well as the general population and gives information to answer the question: “Why require a Drug Free Workplace.”

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  • Drug Abuse and AIDS
  • A short and impactful statement by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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  • Visit Our Online Web Directory
  • Click here to reach our Web Directory — a summary of our recommended DFW links including several news and education sites dealing with drug and alcohol abuse and Drug Free Workplace issues.

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  • Drugs and Testing in Our Schools
  • A hot debate rages in our nation regarding the question: What will deter the use of drugs in the school environment and in school aged citizens. To oversimplify, there are two camps: “TEACHERS” AND “TESTERS.” Obviously, the answer will be found (someday) in the “middle” and an effective combination of deterrent based testing and “drug awareness teaching” will hopefully be found. This section will present information, statistics, (and opinions) on the pros and cons of testing in schools. The section is expected to be a work in progress for a few years, until greater consensus develops among lawmakers, educators, and others regarding the issue of testing in schools. A clickable library of current news is planned soon.

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