About Nationwide Medical Review

Brian P. Drew/Cathleen Drew

President / Vice President

Brian and Cathleen Drew are the President and Vice President of Nationwide Medical Review (NMR). Under their leadership, NMR has experienced consistent, rapid growth since 2005. Contributing to this success have been their work with the major SAMSHA laboratories to streamline the electronic import of drug test results; they have also developed a proprietary software system designed to securely report results to NMR customers. In 2011, under the Drew’s leadership, this software system was launched as a Web-based system that meets all federal and state guidelines.

Prior to purchasing NMR in 2005, Brian and Cathleen founded Compliance Core, which they continue to manage today. This company supplies instant drug test kits to companies and government agencies nationwide.

Mr. Drew had other business successes before becoming involved in the drug and alcohol testing industry. He has nearly 10 years’ experience in the financial industry, where he quickly advanced to management level positions supervising dozens of employees and producing above average results for his employers. His final endeavor in this industry was to start his own business, which quickly grew beyond the capacity of his small in-home office.

Brian and Cathleen have fully developed expertise in the drug and alcohol testing industry and along with his proven business and financial management skills have resulted in the enormous success and continued growth of Nationwide Medical Review, one of the leading Medical Review Offices in the country.


Dan Drew, M.D.


Daniel C. Drew, MD, is the founder of Nationwide Medical Review. After serving as a family physician in Southern Indiana for over 20 years, Dr. Drew and his wife Marilyn started Nationwide Medical Review to provide a better level of service to the drug testing market.

Our governing philosophy is to “empower” our customers, and we have developed successful training techniques to assure compliance with federal training mandates, and, often, to enable customers to streamline their DFW programs by bringing many of their DFW functions in-house.

Our primary reporting system is a proprietary Lotus Notes Network, with the hub-server at our MRO site. This reporting system allows for a “location insensitive” interface with our employer/customers, and allows us to provide completely confidential reporting to customers nationwide with the speed, power and flexibility of the Internet.