Drug Overview

Important information regarding RITALIN drug use.

The primary, legitmate medical use of methylphenidate (Ritalin) is to treat attention deficit disorders in children. As with other Schedule II stimulants, the abuse of methylphenidate may produce the same effects as the abuse of cocaine or the amphetamines. It has been reported that the psychosis of chronic methylphenidate intoxication is identical to the paranoid psychosis of amphetamine intoxication.

Unlike other stimulants, however, methylphenidate has not been clandestinely produced, although abuse of this substance has been well documented among narcotic addicts who dissolve the tablets in water and inject the mixture. Complications arising from this practice are common due to the insoluble fillers used in the tablets. When injected, these materials block small blood vessels, causing serious damage to the lungs and retina of the eye.

[Abstracted from D.E.A. website q.v.]

Drug Effects

Ritalin is legitimately prescribed to millions of children (and even adults) for treatment of ADD. In such patients, its effects are said to be “paradoxical”…..having a calming effect on them and improving their ability to concentrate on tasks. In “normal” persons, the drug is a STIMULANT …. causing increased energy, euphoria, loss of appetite and insomnia! The stimlant effects are what create the market for abusers!
Incidence of Abuse
Not thought to be high because Ritalin is perceived to be “inferior” to amphetamines. Anyone have statistics??? There are frequent reports of parents using and abusing Ritalin which has been prescribed for a child diagnosed with A.D.D.
Chemical Name
Preferred routes of administration
Manufactured as tablets but frequently dissolved in water and injected inspite of the known severe consequences of injecting!
Length of time detectable after user
2-4 days! Ritalin has a fairly short half life, requiring B.I.D. dosing. A timed release (Ritalin LA) product is available which delays absorption but, once absorbed has a fairly short half life.
Any Published Testing Protocols
Please email if able to provide reference of info.